BRUHN SHIPBROKERS is engaged in the following organisations, either as a member or sponsor – for shipping-related purposes, social commitment or simply solidarity to the City of Hamburg.

engagement vereinigung
V.H.B.S. (Verband Hamburger und Bremer Schiffsmakler e.V.) The Hamburg and Bremen Shipbrokers Association (VHBS) is a voluntary organisation promoting the interest of the shipbrokers and agents in Hamburg and Bremen with ard. 140 company-members. Christoph Bruhn is a board member since 2005. BRUHN SHIPBROKERS has agreed to accept the 'Code of Conduct' of the V.H.B.S. (based on the FONASBA Code of Conduct) for its activity as a shipbroker.

engagement bimco
The BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) is an independent international shipping association founded in 1905, with a membership presently composed of ard. 900 shipowners and managers, ard. 1400 shipbroking and agency companies and ard. 100 nautical insurance companies. The association acts on behalf of its global membership to promote higher standards and greater harmony in regulatory matters.

engagement arche
The 'Freundeskreis Die Arche Hamburg e.V.' is a non-profitable fundraising organisation supporting the Hamburg-based 'Arche' where deprived children are being taken care of in the afternoon with meals, homework and sporting activities.

engagement stiftung hamburg maritim
The non-profit 'Freundeskreis Maritimes Erbe Hamburg e.V.' supports the 'Stiftung Hamburg Maritim' which preserves and restores last witnesses of the historical portand shipping-tradition of the City of Hamburg and opens it to the public.

engagement nautischer verein
The members of the 'Nautischer Verein zu Hamburg e.V.' join from all shipping-related professions and include Captains, Pilots, Shipowners, Shipbrokers, Lawyers, etc.. The members meet regularly for lectures and other activities.

engagement rum
The 1951 founded 'Reeder und Makler Club Hamburg e.V.' (RuM-Club) invites its more than 400 members, all representatives of local shipping companies, to regular events, dinners and lectures.