The BRUHN SHIPBROKERS-Team is experienced and active in all ship types and sizes, with special attention, however, on Containerships (above 500 TEU), Multipurpose-Vessels, Singledecker and Bulkcarrier (above 3,000t deadweight), Chemical- and Producttanker, as well as LPG/Ethylene Carrier and Reefer ships.

The main focus of our activities for our national and international clients is in the 2nd-Hand market. The basis of any successful broking is the trustful treatment and exchange of information in an efficiently working network of brokers and shipowners around the globe. Christoph Bruhn and his team are well established in this information-pool and acknowledged as trustworthy and reliable experts.

We accompany our clients throughout the whole process of the deal. This includes the negotiations of the sales-agreement, the issuance/generation of the sales-contract (M.o.A.) as well as the preparation and finalisation of the ship’s actual delivery - always aiming for a smooth transaction for our client.

A valuable factor for the quality of our service is the very extensive database (based on 'IHS Fairplay'-system). Since more than 25 years this database is permanently looked after and completed with all relevant and obtainable ship-data and thus provides us quickly with all information needed for our research, valuation and market-analysis.

BRUHN SHIPBROKERS assists you to find a suitable shipyard for your Newbuilding-Project as we have access to numerous shipyards worldwide and a network of specialised newbuilding brokers. This network also enables us to find the best solutions for a 'Resale' of a Newbuilding, i.e. the sale of an existing newbuilding-contract, either from the contractor or the shipyard.

The Shiprecycling-market is characterised by short-term fluctuations of prices. It is therefore important to catch the ideal moment to achieve the best possible price from a reliable shipbreaker or Cash-Buyer.

Already since the mid 1980ies our founder Christoph Bruhn is regularly active in this self-contained market having some close relationships to several of the major Recycling Buyers, whether in Europe, Turkey or Far East.

For their shipowner clients, as well as banks, dispatchers, insurance-brokers, etc., BRUHN SHIPBROKERS is also offering the valuation of ships. The daily monitoring of the shipping markets and ship prices and our extensive database, in which we document all reported sales, give us the solid foundation for this service.
Furthermore, Christoph Bruhn in his capacity as board member of the 'Hamburg and Bremer Shipbrokers´ Association' (H.B.S.A) has participated in the 'Hamburg Evaluation Board' developing the so-called 'LTAV' (Long Term Assessment Value). For more information:

Throughout his entire career, Christoph Bruhn has also developed close relationships to various national and international shipping banks as well as other finance-institutions which specialize in the shipping sector and BRUHN SHIPBROKERS can therefore assist its clients also with the finance of the intended project.

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